The atomWithHash utility from the excellent jotai library can be used to create atoms that are connected to the hash part of the current URL. Changing the atom updates the hash and changing the hash updates the atom.

A problem arises when using jsdom with jest or vitest to test a component with such an atom. If the value of the atom is updated, it will change the value of the hash on the jsdom window.location object. This hash value does not get reset between tests. This allows a test to affect the behaviour of a subsequent test. In my case, this led to confusing failures in my test suite.

The fix is simple: reset the state of the hash before each test. This can be done in an individual test file or globally within the test setup file:

beforeEach(() => {

This technique also allows you to set as starting hash state for an individual test:

it('allows for deep-linking to a search', async () => {
  // rest of the test here


  • 2022-08-30 Initial version

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